MSc Econometrics and Financial technology

Course Discription

Master of Econometrics and Financial Technology (M.Sc) is a four semester programme aiming at providing rigorous training in economics, quantitate techniques and analytical methods for an in-depth understanding of economics and finance. Econometrics and Financial Technology are inseparable parts of financial analysis in the contemporary world. The course is so designed as to enable students to experience a unique blend of economics, finance and econometric tools that will give them state of the art knowledge in the subject and inculcate in them problem solving skills that are most required in the job market. Students will be given meticulous training in problem solving capability, using real world examples with the help of econometric packages. There are 3 Practical lab training courses spread over the 2nd to 4th semesters with a view to skill up students in data processing, estimation and analysis. In addition, students will have to take internship with an industry, financial institution or a research organization to gain hands on experience in their area of specialization. What distinguishes this course of study from the run of the mill programme is its emphasis not only on theory but also on application. Pursuance of this course will have imparted students a thorough knowledge of economic theory, finance and econometric tools with practical experience eminently required for university/ college teaching, working in rating agencies, financial institutions, corporate enterprises and research organizations

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